Restoring Files and Folders

How to View and Restore a Revision

When you edit a file, the system keeps track of each revision. Using the revisions feature in the web portal, you can view—and optionally restore—older revisions of files. This feature is useful when you make a mistake editing and saving a file, or if you want to see revisions made by other members of your Team Share.

To view and restore revisions:

1.From the agent on your local machine, right-click a file, point to the sync menu, and select View Revisions.

2.Alternatively, if you are working in the web portal, right-click a file and select Revisions.

The Browse File Revisions page displays, listing all revisions of the file.

3.In the Browse File Revisions page, click the title of the file to view the file in the Web Preview tool.

4.Click the Download Revision link to download a previous revision. The file will download to your local machine.

5.Click the Restore Revision link to overwrite the current file with the previous revision.


  • Downloading an older version will allow you to download the file and view if it is the correct version.
  • Restoring an older version will replace the most current version of the file on all synchronized computers.

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