How to Enable 2 Factor Authentication (Recommended)

Increase your remote access security
Ben Delville
Updated 2 years ago

1. When you go to use the Take Control Viewer, a message will appear regarding the 2 factor authentication enhancement. Click on Activate Now.

2. The Install 2 Factor Authentication screen will appear. If you already have one of these apps installed on your phone, you can skip this step. If not, we recommend Google Authenticator. Click Next

3. Get the authenticator code from your app on your phone

4. Enter the Authenticator Code and Click on Confirm Setup:

5. You will receive a recovery code. Download it and save it somewhere safe in case your phone is lost or stolen. We recommend somewhere offsite, like your ClickRight Sync Folder.

6. Every time you log into the dashboard, it will prompt you for your 6 digit code from your authenticator app. Open the app on your smartphone and use the latest code to log in:
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