Restore a Previous Version of a file

Ben Delville
Written 8 months ago

What Are Revisions?

Revisions or versions of file are made as you make changes to your files. You can go back to older versions of files very easily.

How to Restore a Previous Version

From the web portal right click on the file and click β€œRevisions”.
(To access the Web portal, right-click on the ClickRight Sync icon in your Taskbar and select "Go to web portal")

Once you click β€œRevisions” it will redirect to a screen where you can download older versions or restore an older version to the current revision. The most current version will be highlighted in green.


Downloading an older version will allow you to download the file and view if it is the correct version.

Restoring an older version will replace the most current version of the file on all synchronized computers.

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